The Preston Six Series

Call of the Six

Book Two

Separated. This was never part of the plan.

Once their plane goes down over an ocean on Vanar, Poly is stranded and alone, searching for an island she isn’t sure exists. Dehydrated and on the brink of death, she vows to get Joey and her friends back—no matter the cost. She quickly finds herself stuck in the center of old disputes and she will need Harris and her friends to find a way out.

Joey and Samantha find themselves locked away in a fantasy land. Samantha thinks she’s found a way out, only they don’t have much time. With each passing day, Joey becomes weaker as Marcus drains his life.

They must find a way back to each other, if they’re ever going to bring Marcus down. Harris calls on the Six to do their part. The call to action must be answered, or they will all fall.

Matt Ryan - Author

Alchemist Academy

Book One

Allie Norton never believed she was anyone special, why would she? She was an outsider on all accounts, even her stepfamily didn’t want her. But when Allie meets her new next door neighbor, Mark Duval, he opens her eyes to the hidden world of alchemy.

When a recruiter for the Alchemist’s Academy comes calling, Allie is more than thrilled to answer. With Mark in tow, she braves this strange new world, hidden by magic and secrets.

It doesn’t take long to figure out nothing is as it is supposed to be. The art of Alchemy is not taught, but thrown at the students with force and cruelty. Students are pitted against one another in a battle of houses. They fight for dominance, while fear and hatred for each other are used to facilitate their alchemist creations. If you can’t cut it, the President of the Academy, Verity, will announce your retirement.

Allie and Mark must find a way through the mysteries of the academy before they too are retired.

The Preston Six series

Fall of the Six

Book 3

Lucas can’t believe what has happened to his friends. MM now has half of the Six, leaving the rest to scramble for a new plan.

Just when they need him most, Harris leaves them behind to make one final attempt to bring down Marcus. What he finds rocks him to the core, and leaves Vanar closer to extinction than anyone thought possible.

Burning cities, world-wide chaos, possible genocide . . . just a few of the obstacles standing in their way. Even if the Six can find their way back to each other, will they recognize what they’ve become? Boundaries and morals will be pushed, lives will be altered and ended. The Six must continue to fight because the end is fast approaching. 

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The Preston Six Series

Book One

Rise of the Six

Joey Faust has no idea he's a wanted man and his parents aim to keep it that way. They raised him as a normal boy in a small American town, hoping he and his friends don’t discover what lies beyond. And for eighteen years, they succeed.

Joey and his friends, the Preston Six, were all born on the same day, but soon come to find they have much more in common than a simple birthdate. Details of their past are suspicious, and they are determined to figure out what their parents are hiding.

Small threads of new information are discovered, leading the Preston Six to venture in search for the truth. What they find pushes the boundaries of their beliefs. Now, they’re forced to leave behind everything to face an unknown adversary who’s been hunting for them since the day they were born.

They must rise as one, or fall to enemy hands.

The Preston Six Series:


Rise of the Six(Book 1) Out Now

Call of the Six(Book 2) Out Now

Fall of the Six(Book 3) Out Now

Break of the Six(Book 4) Out Now

Fury of the Six(Book 5) Out Now

End of the Six(Book 6) Out Now

Alchemist Academy Series:

Alchemist Academy Book 1-4 out now

Avarice Online Book 1​ Out Now